Isilex Easy Collaborative XML Data Driver


-  I get a 503 error message :

It's a Java problem. You just need to download again an Isilex Zip Archive, with "no Java" included.

- I uploaded a new XML Corpus in IsiCorpus, but it stops:

IsiCorpus is made for those who wants to use XML without learning how to build a structure: you can only upload .txt files. If you already have an XML Corpus, you just need to create a new database and insert it into "data" directory, therefore you just have to write your own XQuery Rest WebPage into Addiotional.xqm file into "webapp" directory. Here is a very simple one you can use to display your entire corpus into an Isilex Webpage:

1. declare %rest:path('/monAppli') 
2. %output:method('xhtml')
3. function isilex:monAppli()
4. {
5. isi:template
6. ( for $x in db:open('[MASUPERBASE]')/[ROOT] return $x )
7. };