Isilex Easy Collaborative XML Data Driver

Edit XML Corpus

Edit XML Corpus

Isilex is conceived as an editing tool for developing different kinds of online textual corpora. It is based on an editorial system which enables the editing of files for annotating the corpus. The annotation is undertaken on the basis of the field-name “orth”, and whenever Isilex finds a lemmatised form of “orth” in the corpus it automatically creates a hyperlink in the form of a note indicator.

It is extremely easy to navigate around the corpus by means of Isicorpus. Once the corpus has been loaded up, it is immediately searchable through the search engine, and the annotation system is automatically available.

It is possible to edit the corpus either on line or by batch. You can also edit in pdfs, and make interventions in the database, either online or via Basex. It is also possible to modify the CSS [“Cascading Style Sheets”] online.

In order to edit the corpus

You can simply click directly in the text of the corpus, once it has been uploaded.

There is an online menu which allows you to safeguard directly the edits that you have made, and to visualise the markup that has been integrated into it, or to consult the epub file online.